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LWVNJ Legislative Priorities for NJ Lame Duck Session

Bill Description & Position

A 819 S 763 Provides for resentencing of certain inmates. Support

A 1515 S 2295 Authorizes creation of local civilian review boards to review police operations and conduct; appropriates $800,000. Support

A 5326 Establishes Community Crisis Response Advisory Council and community crisis response teams pilot program; appropriates $10 million.* Support

A 5630 S 3957 Expands exemptions from criminal drug paraphernalia laws to additionally exempt certain harm reduction supplies. Support

A 5649 S 3325 Enhances penalties for distribution and manufacture of certain amounts of fentanyl. Support

A 3117 S 269 Clarifies juvenile's right to attorney representation.* Support

A 977 S 3043 Eliminates past conviction of indictable offense as disqualifer for jury service. Support

A 822 S 723 Creates "New Jersey Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Act." Support

A 1519 S 777 Concerns discriminatory appraisals of residential property on the basis of race or national origin. Support

A 1674 S 357 Prohibits use of education, occupation, and credit score as rating factors in automobile insurance underwriting. Support

A 5701 S 247* Allows voter registration at polling place on election day or at early voting site during early voting period. Support

A 4554 S 2997 Establishes "John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New Jersey." Support

A 1986 S 512 Establishes certain law enforcement and privacy procedures; designated as New Jersey Values Act. Support

A 3092 S 2415 Requires State agencies update demographic data collection methods on Asian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian and Indian Diaspora residents of this State. Support

A 3837 S 2459 Requires State government entities provide vital documents and translation services in 15 most common non-English languages. Support

A 4109 Requires school districts to adopt policies concerning needs of transgender students. Support

A 4350 S 2918 Strengthens access to reproductive health care; appropriates $20 million. Support
Continuation of the Corporate Business Tax (CBT) surcharge Support

A5613 Makes various changes to process for requesting access to government records for commercial purposes. Oppose

A5614 Increases membership of Government Records Council; provides for advisory opinions; requires complaints to be initiated with council; limits attorney's fees; appropriates $250,000. Oppose

A5615 Provides for protective orders to limit requests for access to government records in certain cases. Oppose

A5616 Makes various changes to process for requesting access to government records. Oppose


Officers of the Trenton LWV, c. 1980s

Today's LWV Members at Dunn Middle School


2023 Annual Meeting in Veterans Park

Annual Meeting 2023 Program Book


Both the National League and the New Jersey State League are active on voting rights and other issues. Our Lawrence League -- which encompasses the municipalities of Lawrence, Trenton, Ewing and Hamilton --  supports their positions on these issues.
Here are some of the latest press releases and the National League's Guide to Public Policy Positions:

LWV Responds to Supreme Court Gutting Affirmative Action


Supreme Court Rejects "Independent State Legislature" Theory


Supreme Court Reinforces Role of State Courts in Protecting Voters


League of Women Voters Guide to Policy Positions



The Symbolic Re-enactment of the Passing the Torch Ceremony on Sunday, August 23, 2020 at the Lumberville/Raven Rock Pedestrian Bridge on the NJ/PA state line was a great success. The centennial observance of winning the long fight for women's suffrage was the brainchild of Ellen Maak.

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence is pleased to announce its Annual Youth Leadership Awards for 2023.

The annual award is given to graduating high school seniors in the Lawrence, Trenton, Ewing area who exemplify civic leadership in their community. The goal is to celebrate youth leaders who are reaching out and stepping up to serve their fellow students and their communities.

Sofia Garcia, Lawrence High School

For her creative ventures and outstanding efforts to involve our community in our local elections.

Lina Abtouche, Ewing High School

For advocating for marginalized communities in her school.

Find out more on our Youth Leadership Award page


Celebrating 100 Years of the League at Trenton Public Library

Rooted in the century-long movement that secured the right to vote for women, the League of Women Voters has worked to foster civic engagement and enhance access to the vote since our founding in 1920.


Questions about how elections work?

Click HERE for details!

2023 Plan of Action

Build a Strong and Diverse League 

Build Community Coalitions 

Train a Lobby Force in Trenton

Increase Voter Turnout!


Over time our work has evolved from efforts to gain and foster women’s suffrage to ensuring that all eligible voters -- particularly those from traditionally underrepresented or under-served communities, including first-time voters, non-college youth, new citizens, minorities, the elderly and voters with disabilities -- have the opportunity and the information to exercise their right to vote.

Our tireless volunteers at Mercer County Community College!


The League is proud to be nonpartisan, neither supporting or opposing  candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public.

We welcome women, men, young adults, and teens to join our League.

Dues are $60 per year.

   Family membership is $85 per year.

   Student membership is free.





LWVLT Co-Chairs: Nicole Plett & Kate Schumacher
Phone: 609-301-0401
League of Women Voters of New Jersey:
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